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Quick Test: Do You Love Yourself?

self loveHow would you respond if someone asked you right now; Do you love yourself? Sure, um yes… I think… This was my response all those years ago when I was first asked this question. These days my answer is very different.

Now, I respond with a firm YES! A confident answer with the ability to expand if necessary. These days I can explain how I know this and what I mean when I say Yes.

When you ask yourself right now, Do I Love Myself? What is your response?

Potentially you don’t fully understand the question, or you aren’t 100% sure of your answer. Well I have a super quick test for you to find out whether you love yourself or not…

You know when you were younger and you were going out with a boy for the first time (or girl) and you asked any person older than you that would listen – How do you know when you love someone? And do you remember the same frustrating response that everyone would reply back to you? You know because you know….You just know. How infuriating was that?! Until you fell in love. And at this point you knew exactly what they were talking about. And no doubt these days you would respond the exact same way if a keen youngster asked you. Because you know. You know when you know. No ifs, no buts. You can just answer firmly and confidently.

It is exactly the same with loving yourself. You know when you know. And if you don’t know, then you don’t love yourself. Its that simple. If you are having trouble with the question – then you now know. And don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone. Most people out there don’t love themselves. They wouldn’t even know what it meant.

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