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Challenged Back To Spirit

Infinite SoulI was deeply challenged yesterday and for a brief period, I allowed my knowing and my ideas on love and life and soul to be viewed as just fanciful notions. I allowed circumstance to pull me back into the physicality of the human experience and to disconnect me – to disconnect myself from my true self. From Spirit.

Are your spiritual beliefs bound by circumstance? Can you, in one moment, believe that you are love, that you are a soul, only to then in the next moment, reject another because of their beliefs, words or actions? Or reject spirit and love because you have been hurt? Or reject life because another harms you too badly? What are the limits to which you take your spirituality? At what point can you reject the things that today you believe to be true?

I found my limits yesterday, where the pain of human experience could be so bad that I questioned everything. And through questioning and feeling lost and confused I finally saw the situation, the circumstance for what it really was.

I realised that when I am wholly connected with my true self then there are no limits. There is no circumstance so great that I will question everything – when I am my true self. And if there is then I know I am not fully connected with my true self; I am not my true self, I am my body, I am reactive, and I am bound by rules and limitation.

Therefore, I now recognise that if I am experiencing limits to my spirituality, to my self as a soul then this does not mean I need to re-evaluate my beliefs or evaluate the meaning of it all and the pain we can experience, it purely and simply means that I am not wholly connected with my true self. I have steered away and I am not connected.

It is through this awareness of disconnection that I can become whole once more. I can return to my true self and know that I am okay and that everyone is okay, no matter what happens in our physical reality.

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    November 7, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Thanks for sharing this very personal story Sharon. Great to hear you have worked through it! Blessings xx

    • Reply
      November 8, 2013 at 7:14 am

      Thanks Kat! Yes it certainly pushed me, but also became the catalyst for further growth!

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