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Harnessing Big Energy

Healing, Psychic, Reading, Energy, Action, Life CoachI have been inspired to write this post because so many of my clients (and myself), are experiencing big cosmic energies at the moment. And in times like these it helps to know that you’re not alone, and also to understand just how to get the most out of it!

You may have noticed your energy levels higher over the past few days, and you may have even felt more erratic than usual with loads of ideas about your life, career, and personal projects bursting into your mind.

When you feel a surge in energy like this it is great to enjoy it but to really get the most from it, it is most beneficial to ground it into the physical world.

Some ways to start doing this include brain storming and discussing your ideas with a close friend, business partner or colleague in order to get them out of your head and into your physical reality.

It is also helpful to write them down, even if it’s a big jumbled list to start with, so you get them down and out of your head. Once again this also helps to bring them through into your physical reality and encourages you to get clear about each idea, sorting through what has legs and what doesn’t.

I am a very visual person so I have been using blank A4 sheets of paper to hash out a brief sketch of what is coming through, with a new sheet for every idea. Some ideas end up being big lists, drilling down from the initial brainwave, and others end up becoming diagrams or trees with branches as I detail what each main idea would require.

By now we have been experiencing this energy for a few days so it is important to begin to focus and channel the energy. Decide which ideas excite you the most and place them as your priority; your A list. Then move the rest aside just for now.

Even if the ideas keep flowing, just grab a notebook or save a word document to write them all down in. This way you can clear them out of your mind and know that they are not forgotten. You can come back to this list later on in the year when you require further inspiration and an injection of new ideas and projects.

With those aside move back to your A list and begin to drill down, establishing what action points are required to start bringing your ideas into your physical reality.

And then get to work!

It is fun to play in ‘idea-land’ but it is the next stage that creates your reality and manifests your dreams.

Constantly bring your focus back to ACTION. Harness this big energy by funneling it into one or two main exciting ideas or projects that you want to come into fruition this year. Continue to flesh out your idea and your vision, but ensure you are action-ing it, even in small ways each and everyday.

What are you going to do today to bring your ideas through to your physical reality? What is one action point you can achieve today?

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