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Phrases for Working With Angels and Guides

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This post is all about offering suggestions of specific phrases to help you work with your angels and guides more fully. I encourage you not to think too hard about the words, but to just give it a go and see how you feel during and afterwards. The way I live my life is that if something feels good and is stemming from love, then it can be a positive addition to your life and is worth giving a try! Too often we quash things because our mind can’t make sense of it first, or because we don’t know whether it’s ‘true’ or not.

For Guidance:

“I invite the angels/guides into everything that I do and I give you permission to intervene and guide me for my highest good/purpose.” -this can be repeated throughout your day, and inserting in whatever activity you are doing. Eg: “I call the angels into this car trip right now, or I call the angels into my work day, or I call the angels into this meeting.”

“I call in my angels / guides (repeat). Thank you for hearing me and arriving so quickly. Can you please offer me clarity and guidance in the area of <career, money, love etc>, as I feel stuck and unsure of my highest path. I will remain open and aware to receive your guidance over the next few days, in any way that you are able to best communicate this to me.”

“I ask the angels/ guides to offer me signs throughout my day, so that I can feel your presence and support. I will look out for your presence and remain open.”

For Healing:

“I call in Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (insert any angels, guides or even your higher self – whichever you feel drawn to. You can repeat this 3 or so times until you feel their presence). Thank you for coming. I ask that you balance my energy right now, and heal release any energy that is not of the highest vibration, and that no longer serves me. Thank you for this healing,”

Angel energy is so uplifting, light and loving, so when you are feeling an emotion such as stress, nervousness, anxiety, or any experiencing any emotion or thought stemming from fear, you can invite the angels (and their energy) into that emotion. For example: “I call the angels into my fear” or “I call the angels into my feelings of anxiety/stress/worry”. This infuses the harsher emotion or fear with loving, light energy and you can usually feel it dissipate right away! When I do this I can go from feeling scared or anxious, to feeling light, happy and even laughing within a few short moments!!

“I ask the angels and guides for help with making choices that are for my higher good.”

“I ask the angels and guides for help with opening my heart more fully, in order to love and accept myself, and love and accept all others.”

“I ask my angels/guides/higher self for help with letting go of anything that no longer serves me or my highest good.”

Thanks and Gratitude:

“I thank my angels and guides for always being there for me, for communicating clearly and for listening.”

“Thank you angels and guides for intervening in my life, for my highest good. Thank you for helping me make better choices, and for opening my heart so I can love more freely.”

“Thank you for all of the loving energy that you provide, I love and appreciate your support and presence.”

Just simply thinking of your angels/guides/higher self and then saying “I love you!”

I’d love to hear any phrases that you commonly use, or that have worked for you in the past!

Have a wonderful day!


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