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A Forgiveness Prayer we can all use

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Do you get turned off by the word Prayer? Not that long ago I’d have been triggered by it or blocked it out, avoiding anything or anyone that used it. Along with the word Prayer I’d also have avoided God, Jesus, Angels and anything else that reeked of religion.

But I had no idea that I was actually the one fueling negative energy into these words. And in the process of fueling them with negative energy and blaming others, I’d given them away. I’d relinquished any ability to use these words personally as well as listening, reading or engaging with anyone else who used them.

Words are our tools and none of them should be off limits or fueled with such energy you end up being scared of them. It’s up to each of us to free ourselves and our mind, and by recognising where we are not free and what triggers us is a great place to start.

We are the ones fueling words, so anytime you wince or feel a strong reaction to a word then it might be time to shed light on it.

Welcome it back in with love.

So let’s get down to it…..The Prayer! This prayer is a powerful tool to say and repeat any time you catch yourself judging another person. Use it anytime you feel irritated or annoyed, angry or upset by someone (or if you are judging yourself too).

You are Spirit
Whole and Innocent
All is forgiven
and released. 

I am Spirit
Whole and Innocent
All is forgiven
and released. 

The prayer was written by a teacher/student of A Course in Miracles and aims to correct our belief in the illusion that another person can be anything but a loving light.

Simple and straight to the point. We don’t need to indulge the irritation or story of what is going on.

When we see another as horrible, mean, evil, annoying, or wrong we are merely seeing their fearful pain-body from the perspective of our own fearful pain-body or ego-mind.

It pays to remember that we can only see their ego-self when we are in our ego-self. Makes you feel a bit silly when you judge another for being ego-ic…if by merely judging another automatically means you are in ego! It also reminds me of the old saying: Takes one to know one. Or maybe even: You smelt it you dealt it….!! 

When we see the world and all others from our pure divine light, our eternal soul, then we see that light in all others. No matter what they are doing or saying. This can be a big concept, so don’t try to think about it too much – just let it wash over your mind and awareness. And let it be.

Use this prayer as a reminder tool to see the perfect light in others, thus propelling yourself into deep connection with your own perfect light.

Are there any words which trigger you? 

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