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“How can I work with my Angels and Guides, and what fears are blocking me?”

I was going to do a tarot reading and I called in your Guides and Angels, however before I could even get the cards out information started pouring in.

Firstly I see a very common fear or block, of thinking “I can’t” it’s along the lines of I’m not psychic or special enough to be able to do healing work, or communicate with Angel and Guides. I’ll get back to this one as I then had something from your childhood jumping out at me.

I keep getting the age 3 and that something happened at night which scared you. You were able to see things back then however when you were younger (ages 0-2) you had no critical faculties developed so you just allowed these experiences in. Around the age of 3 is when you started to become aware of ‘the ways of the world’ so to speak, and this is when those experiences and visits in the night started to scare you. Your thinking mind became afraid of the unknown and this is where it has stayed.

You have a keen interest in this sort of thing, and that is important as it anchors you back into who you really are and more of what you’re really capable of. It’s time for you to come home within yourself, to find you more fully than ever before.

Yes, but how? I hear you ask 🙂 card reading, tarot, healing, blocks, fears, psychic reading, free psychic reading, archangel raphael, how to work with angels, spirit guides

Firstly, it’s giving yourself permission to try. Call in your angels or an angel in particular (Archangel Raphael is with you right now, but there are more there with you also). Call the name of the angel three times with your eyes closed. Pause briefly, and then thank them for coming in.

Don’t wait for a sign – even though you might get one, like tingling up your spine, shivers, a flash of colour in the corner of your eye. Then start talking to yourself 🙂 Yep that’s right. Start a conversation in your head. Ask a question, such as what do I need to know right now. Pause briefly, and then just start answering it in your mind. It’s actually that easy, but you need to do it first, before you can believe you can do it.

Let the conversation carry on for a while, go back and forth – yes almost as though you’re just talking to yourself. Then after a few minutes reflect upon the content of the information you’re being provided – that’s where the proof or convinces are!

Often we notice that the language doesn’t actually sound like us, or that we’re offered a new perspective on a problem in our life. Also, notice how you’re feeling, usually your energy will change when you’re communicating to your angels and guides. You’ll feel uplifted. I often start to laugh, as though joy is bursting from my body unable to be contained.

card reading, tarot, healing, blocks, fears, psychic reading, free psychic reading, archangel raphael, how to work with angels, spirit guides, how toI also see a golden light. This is related to one of your guides but they’re also saying use the golden light to connect in – imagine the light all around you, and even breathe it in, as this will help to create a bridge between the two worlds. They say it’ll help with any negative thinking and self-doubt throughout the process.

You also might think you don’t have time or the ‘right’ space to do this sort of work, but they are saying this is exactly the right time, and there is space in your life to do it.

You also have a deeper, possibly subconscious fear of ridicule, or people laughing at you. Maybe there are people in your life or at work that don’t believe in this sort of thing and you’re worried about how they’ll react if you move further into it. You are to know that you are here to bring about change, to lift the energies of consciousness, and not to worry. You are loved and accepted for more than your interests. The more you love yourself – enough to follow urges around this work – the more you won’t worry about what others might think of you. You also might be surprised in their reactions anyway.

I also pulled a card for you and received two cards.

The first one is called Unexpected Visitors and is prompting you that your spiritual team is all around you. Take some time out to sit quietly and let them in. The main message here is they want you to know that it’s time to dive into the unknown and to ‘expect the unexpected’ will allow everything to change. If we keep living each day exactly the same as the last, then we’ll just get more of the same. It’s time to step right out of that comfortable box, join a meditation or spiritual development group, don’t hold yourself back for fear of not being capable enough.

The second card you received is Intention. Setting the intention for what you want. You say you want to communicate with your Angels and Guides, then ask that of them and the universe, and then let your intention go. Like a bird you release, thank your Angels and Guides for being there even before you feel them, thank them everyday for their support and guidance and then you’ll see their support in your life.

I’ve also included this picture as it reminds me of your energy underneath any fears or doubt 🙂 card reading, tarot, healing, blocks, fears, psychic reading, free psychic reading, archangel raphael, how to work with angels, angels, spirit guides, how to

With love,



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