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My personal experience of Reiki

There are many sites online explaining what Reiki is, so what I’m going to do is offer my personal experience with Reiki.

I came across Reiki when I was studying Holistic Hypnotherapy and Hypnoenergetics, so I was already learning about energy when one of my teachers brought up Reiki. We asked her what it was and she simply pulled my hand out in front of me and held her palm above the top of my hand. I felt a magnetic force and a warmth flowing down from her hand into mine. It was pleasant and soothing, and I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it.

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"I’ve been told I have an entity"

It’s about time we spoke about energy attachments and entities. There is a slight difference in my books between attached energy and entities. Attached energy is when you’ve just caught up with a friend and even after you’ve left them you’re still thinking about them a lot, and even hearing the sound of their voice in your head. Maybe your mood changed when you were with them or right after, or you left feeling tired.

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Top 5 Methods for Clearing Your Energy

We are magnets for energy, like moths to a light, especially if you are a sensitive person or an empath. When you leave a place or person you’ve felt had a heavy or strong energy a great practice to do is to clear your own energy.

The more frequently I clear my energy the better I feel, so don’t be scared to do one or more of these methods below several times a day.

My top 5 methods for clearing your energy are:

  • Invite in Archangel Michael and ask for help with cutting energetic cords. You might even visualise cords from you to your workplace/other people being cut or pulled out from you.
    archangel michael, energy clearing, negative energy, angels, 444, repeating numbers, how to, psychic,
  • Breathe deeply into your heart and set the intention to clear your energy with your out breath. Breathing out any energy you’ve picked up over your day.


  • Burn some sage. (You can usually pick up sage from your local new age type shop, or online. I’ve tried to make it by drying fresh sage but it just didn’t seem the same).clearing negative energy, help, sage, raise vibration, consciousness, clear energy


  • Take a deep breath in then hold it, then imagine you can blow the air out from your crown chakra – similar to a dolphin or whale blowing out it’s spout. Then exhale. (I feel the release with this one right away, so try a couple of times and see what you notice).


  • Visualise a ball or channel of white light moving upwards through you and clearing energy out your crown chakra.


There is no need to become paranoid or fearful about picking up energy. We all do it, but a regular practice of clearing and resetting your energy will help you feel yourself and feel energised and balanced.

When you get good at this you can even clear your energy when you are in the heavy situation or with a person whose energy is strong and affecting yours.

Do you have any other energy clearing tips?






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How You Can Benefit From Grounding

Tree, meditation, healing, what is, how to ground, healingYou may have heard the term ‘grounding’ along your travels, but it is easy to miss what that actually means and why it is beneficial to you.

Grounding simply means to connect back into the energy of the earth, your roots, so to speak. In our fast-paced, high pressure society feelings of stress and anxiety are often generated from situations which are not actually life threatening, and leave us with an altered perspective on reality. Living this way for prolonged periods leaves us further and further away from reality and that these are not ‘real’ threats, and we can let the pressures of our job, relationships or home life consume us. This is where our minds can become overloaded with ego based thoughts, and we can get very down on ourselves and our situation.

Connecting back into the energy of the earth through grounding helps us to realign with the higher perspective available, it helps us remember what is important, and what is actually just a manufactured pressure or stress. Grounding helps us to release the energy of stress and anxiety, as well as release ego based thoughts that are usually stemming from fear, from our minds. By connecting back into the earth, our roots, we connect back into our deeper self, and the more regularly we do this the easier it becomes to cultivate a positive and calm state of mind.

Methods of grounding can include literally connecting with the earth, such as walking barefoot along the sand or grass, or hiking through a forest. As well as many forms of exercise which connect us back into our body and can promote lowering your state of awareness from your head and into your heart – what you might call getting out of your head.

Another way to ground is through meditation, where we ground back into ourselves, the higher perspective available, and out of our thoughts.

Close your eyes and breathe. Feel your body already beginning to release tension as you draw in full breaths of air – ensuring your abdomen moves out with each in breath. Now imagine you are sitting down at the base of an old oak tree, or any kind of tree. Imagine the tree with long branches that hang out over you, you can hear the rustling of the leaves, and feel a gentle breeze flow through your hair and across your face. Flickers of sun shine down through the leaves, warming your face, and glistening over your eyes.

As you sit beneath the tree focus on the centre of the top of your head. Slowly and gently move your point of focus directly down the back of your head. Taking your time. Follow the line very gradually down the back of your neck and into the top of your spine. Follow every inch of your spine down the curve of your back, moving even slower as your flow down, down, all the way to the base of your spine. Even saying the words in your head, over and over; down, down, down.

When you reach the base of your spine, imagine roots flowing out from your spine, just like the roots of this tree that you rest upon. They flow from your spine and into the grass and then into soil beneath you. Follow your roots as they meander home, spreading as far and as wide and as deep as you like. And as your roots connect deeply back into the earth move your focus back up to your head, and send any thoughts still in your head down the line that you have created, from the top of your head and all the way down your spine and into the earth. Continue doing this until your mind is clear and you have let go of your stress.

Thank the energy of the earth for helping you clear your mind and rejuvenate your energy.

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Harnessing Big Energy

Healing, Psychic, Reading, Energy, Action, Life CoachI have been inspired to write this post because so many of my clients (and myself), are experiencing big cosmic energies at the moment. And in times like these it helps to know that you’re not alone, and also to understand just how to get the most out of it!

You may have noticed your energy levels higher over the past few days, and you may have even felt more erratic than usual with loads of ideas about your life, career, and personal projects bursting into your mind.

When you feel a surge in energy like this it is great to enjoy it but to really get the most from it, it is most beneficial to ground it into the physical world.

Some ways to start doing this include brain storming and discussing your ideas with a close friend, business partner or colleague in order to get them out of your head and into your physical reality.

It is also helpful to write them down, even if it’s a big jumbled list to start with, so you get them down and out of your head. Once again this also helps to bring them through into your physical reality and encourages you to get clear about each idea, sorting through what has legs and what doesn’t.

I am a very visual person so I have been using blank A4 sheets of paper to hash out a brief sketch of what is coming through, with a new sheet for every idea. Some ideas end up being big lists, drilling down from the initial brainwave, and others end up becoming diagrams or trees with branches as I detail what each main idea would require.

By now we have been experiencing this energy for a few days so it is important to begin to focus and channel the energy. Decide which ideas excite you the most and place them as your priority; your A list. Then move the rest aside just for now.

Even if the ideas keep flowing, just grab a notebook or save a word document to write them all down in. This way you can clear them out of your mind and know that they are not forgotten. You can come back to this list later on in the year when you require further inspiration and an injection of new ideas and projects.

With those aside move back to your A list and begin to drill down, establishing what action points are required to start bringing your ideas into your physical reality.

And then get to work!

It is fun to play in ‘idea-land’ but it is the next stage that creates your reality and manifests your dreams.

Constantly bring your focus back to ACTION. Harness this big energy by funneling it into one or two main exciting ideas or projects that you want to come into fruition this year. Continue to flesh out your idea and your vision, but ensure you are action-ing it, even in small ways each and everyday.

What are you going to do today to bring your ideas through to your physical reality? What is one action point you can achieve today?

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Do You Take On Other People's Energy?

Clear Negative Energy, Release, Empath, SensitiveDo you sometimes become aware that after an interaction with someone you can walk away feeling annoyed or agitated? Do you catch yourself constantly thinking about a person or situation for no apparent reason? Does your energy or mood waver so you feel as though you have no control over how you feel? Are you sensitive and aware that you take on emotions and feelings from others?

For a long time I felt as though my moods and emotions were not in my control. I felt as though one moment I could be feeling great, feeling light and happy and then for no apparent reason I would plummet and no longer feel myself. I battled with this for years never understanding what was happening and most of the time feeling as though I was spinning around in an energetic washing machine.

Until I learned about energy and what being sensitive really meant. These days I am much more aware about my energy to the point where I can recognise when I have taken on something that is not mine. I don’t always know where it has come from but that doesn’t matter. The point is to recognise it and as soon as you do – get back to YOU.

How To Tell When You’ve Taken On Energy?

-All of a sudden you feel very tired and catch yourself yawning-Feeling agitated for no particular reason (which may lead you to finding reasons to justify the way you’re feeling)
-Becoming angry out of nowhere
-You just don’t feel yourself
-You feel sad but are unsure why
-You feel low or heavy
-You feel drained of energy
-After you have moved away from someone you can still hear the sound of their voice in your head – as if they are still talking

How Can You Clear or Release Energy?

  • Close your eyes and hold your breath; imagine yourself blowing energy out of the top of your head (crown chakra) as if you are a dolphin blowing from your spout. This tip might sound funny until you try it and feel the incredible release. 🙂
  • Take a few deep breaths into your heart, feel your heart soften as you grow your connection to the love you hold within you. Send love to the energies you have picked up, and also to the source of the energy.
  • Have a shower or a swim and imagine the energies being washed away.
  • Hold a rock or a crystal (or anything from nature) and intend to send the energies into it, sending it with love and gratitude.
  • Close your eyes and connect into your heart, imagine that you can shake your body like a dog getting out of water. Feel how you can shake off the energies and reconnect back into your true self.
  • Burn sage around you and then walk through it.

Try any or all of these clear and releases until you work out which one works best for you. There are many other methods however these are some of the quickest and easiest that I work with for clearing away energy and to use so you can feel yourself again.

The key is to understand that most people don’t even realise that you are picking up their energy and are not doing anything intentionally to cause you harm, pain or discomfort. And the quickest and easiest way to release anything is to move into a place of love.

How do you clear yourself from energies?