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Inner Demons

I’m a writer.

The journey to realising that and being able to write it down has been tough. And I can see I always have been – a writer that is. I have piles of journals dating back to when I was little. Always penning it down. My thoughts, my dreams, my fears. But I never counted that as writing when judgement set in.

Somewhere along the way I deemed myself not good. Not good at writing. A bad writer. Not good enough to put pen to paper, finger to key.

And in doing so I expunged the creative flame within.

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Let The Inner Demon Out by Haze-d

It’s been almost a year, and after a long dark night of the soul I’ve unleashed it once more. Determined to grow it to be louder and stronger than the voice within that tells me I can’t.

Oh that voice that’s always there, I can’t do it. Not enough. Not good enough. 

I’ll be laughed at. 

Thoughts and more thoughts.


But they weren’t there when all was lost. Those imaginary people that ridicule… Even they disappeared when I gave it all away. Because I’d safe guarded myself, given up all that was dear and all that possibly could make me vulnerable.

In desperate days of disillusion there was not much left to criticise, just me, laying paralysed without an inkling of creative energy left. But safe – or so I thought.

Yet I remained. A shell of myself, but me none-the-less.

So, I surmised, if I am all that remains, then it must be up to me. Only me. For me to release it all and let the flame soar once more. Daring to be a little higher than before. Not giving a shit at those who ridicule and throw stones, real or imaginary.

The voice is still within but I choose not to listen. Or partially listen but not care. Or not care so much. Whichever is true in the moment.

So I’m gleefully back, weary from the fight yet happy in the realisation that I was worth fighting for. And that I finally realised I was worth fighting for.




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You Are Creative!

People often say that they wish they were creative, however they fail to see that they are creating every minute of their lives. When you cease to compare yourself with others, you can begin to truly see yourself.

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You Create

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Educate Me: Daydreaming

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Daydream Here

Did you know that daydreaming is a form of meditation?

All of those hours spent staring out of classroom windows through school were actually serving a purpose! Keeping you calm, peaceful and stress-free, as well as activating and exercising your creativity and visualisation skills.

When you’re daydreaming your brainwaves change and shift into alpha and also sometimes even into theta state. These are the same brainwave patterns reached during mindfulness meditation, silencing your mind, theta healing, hypnosis, transcendental meditation, shamanic journeying meditation and more.

The benefits gained when your brainwaves slow down are many and varied, including vivid visualisations, great inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insight and higher perspectives reached as well as the ability to discover and change limiting beliefs that you hold. Not to mention the benefits which ripple out through your day-to-day life, including reduction in stress and anxiety, increased clarity and focus, enhanced creativity, and increased energy and vitality.

Every time we slip effortlessly into a daydream, a distinct pattern of brain areas is activated, which is known as the default network. Studies show that this network is most engaged when people are performing tasks that require little conscious attention, such as routine driving on the highway or reading a tedious text. Although such mental trances are often seen as a sign of lethargy – we are staring haplessly into space – the cortex is actually very active during this default state, as numerous brain regions interact. Instead of responding to the outside world, the brain starts to contemplate its internal landscape. This is when new and creative connections are made between seemingly unrelated ideas.” Says Dr. Marcus Raichle, a neurologist and radiologist at Washington University who was one of the first scientists to locate the default network in the brain.

“When you don’t use a muscle, that muscle really isn’t doing much of anything. But when your brain is supposedly doing nothing and daydreaming, it’s really doing a tremendous amount. We call it the ‘resting state,’ but the brain isn’t resting at all.”

Give it a try now, let your eyes glaze over and imagine…visualise….and….DAYDREAM! See where your mind takes you.