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Inspiration for Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit. We think somewhere between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in one day, and 90% of those thoughts are exactly the same ones we had the day before. 

A quote from the most informative, powerful and inspirational book I’ve read in a long time; You Are The Palcebo by the incredible Dr Joe Dispenza. I’ll continue with the next paragraph in the book which is transformational and insightful in itself to read all the way through – even though you may feel you know where it is leading…

We get up on the same side of the bed, go through the same routine in the bathroom, comb our hair in the same way, sit in the same chair as we eat the same breakfast and hold our mug in the same hand, drive the same route to the same job, and do the same things we know how to do so well with the same people (who push the same emotional buttons) every day. And then we hurry up and go home so that we can hurry up and check our email so that we can hurry up and eat dinner so that we can hurry up and watch our favourite tv shows so that we can hurry up and brush our teeth in the same bedtime routine so that we can hurry up and go to bed at the same time so that we can hurry up and do it all over again the next day. 

Thinking the same thoughts leads us to make the same choices. Making the same choices leads us to demonstrate the same behaviours. Demonstrating the same behaviours leads us to create the same experiences. Creating the same experiences leads us to produce the same emotions.

We do this all whilst secretly hoping our lives will change. 

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Awareness is the first step. Recognise how on autopilot you are. Ask yourself; what would it take to do one thing in a different way to how I did it yesterday? Whether it be an action, behaviour or thought.

And remember it’s not just you, it’s all of us. We’re all somewhat or mostly on repeat from our previous day, and then feel unfulfilled and frustrated with life. But it’s up to each of us to hear our internal cries and respond. Your Soul is yearning to be heard and connected in with.

She wants change. She wants connection. She wants love.

It’s time for change, and in knowing that we want something different and better for ourselves, it’s important to recognise that it’s only us who can create that change for ourselves. We can be inspired by others however to change our thoughts and our lives has to come from us internally.

Make today different from yesterday. Wake up and create life instead of repeating old re-runs, which were mostly unsatisfying the first time anyway.

Wishing you all an inspirational day of connection, love and life!




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Make joy your only goal

how to have confidence, joy, be happy, happiness, life, self improvement Imagine for a moment that your only goal in life was to experience and feel joy. And that every other goal, aspiration or dream that you’d ever had came secondary to feeling joy.

What would you be doing right now? Later on today?

What would your life be like?

When I make joy my goal I instantly feel better. I am snapped into the present moment and feel awake and excited about life. I treasure any interaction with another person and I feel good about myself – right now. Not in a future moment when I achieve this or that, when I am successful or have lots of money. I feel bliss now. I am confident and connected to life and what really matters.

And isn’t that the point? When you think about any of your goals or dreams and you start drilling them down what do you find fueling them, right at the bottom? I think most of us would say that happiness is the essence behind most of what we do however we just easily lose site of this and focus all of our attention on the details.

What about when there has been a tragedy in your life, when you’ve experienced that moment of everything coming into perspective – do you remember what you held as important then?

It’s not to say that you should throw away all of your aspirations and just float around basking in joy – although now I say it that sounds like a pretty appealing option. But it’s the affect of finding joy right now: when you make joy your first goal, your priority, your days become supercharged by good feelings, and what results from that is more motivation!

When I focus on joy I feel myself expand, I make a point to connect with other people and I find myself in the flow of life. I have an abundance of confidence, I experience synchronicities left, right and centre, and I achieve a lot more than I ever could have imagined – especially then when I was attempting to motivate myself through negative thoughts and fear.

The only problem I have with making joy my only goal, is forgetting. As soon as I forget my goal it is easy to slip back into old thought patterns where I deem success, money, or external appreciation as a higher goal. Then I start to feel flat, lost and I find  myself clinging to a future moment when I will have time to feel happy…

Close your eyes for a moment and wonder – what would your life be like if joy was your goal? How does that feel?

What would you do right now if joy was your goal?