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My personal experience of Reiki

There are many sites online explaining what Reiki is, so what I’m going to do is offer my personal experience with Reiki.

I came across Reiki when I was studying Holistic Hypnotherapy and Hypnoenergetics, so I was already learning about energy when one of my teachers brought up Reiki. We asked her what it was and she simply pulled my hand out in front of me and held her palm above the top of my hand. I felt a magnetic force and a warmth flowing down from her hand into mine. It was pleasant and soothing, and I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it.

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Friday Night Revelations

I had the weirdest experience last night in the fish and chip shop, (or fush and chup shop as my fellow Kiwi’s would say), I don’t know if you can relate to  it or not.

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I’d paid for my order and was clutching my little ticket with it’s winning number. I stood off to the side and was watching the ready orders being handed over the counter. I looked over to the line of people waiting to place their orders, and in an instant it was like I was seeing the entire scene from a different perspective.

Each person standing in the line looked so goofy and awkward, their eyes darting around, desperately craving to steal a look at the other people in the shop. Yet equally, or potentially moreso, desperately avoiding eye contact with their fellow humans.

We all looked so hilarious. Going about our business, strapping odd shaped pieces of coloured material over our bodies, so as to reveal a little but not too much skin. We were all so curious about each other, yet avoiding anything that would cause us to engage. amazing photo, flower, spiritual awakening, how to, life, understanding, love, blog, insight, meditation

I felt an out pouring of love for all of us awkward, lumpy human beings going about our business.

I wondered how we missed our cuteness for the majority of the time. We bumble along with our heads down, missing it.

We’re shut down and closed off from each other because we hide what we don’t want others to see or know about us. Yet we’re all the same.

We’re all a mixture of nerves, self-doubt, occasional happiness, fear of rejection, desire for success, swirling loneliness, sickness, fear, hopes, dreams, attempts for love. But we hide this from each other.

We hide our true selves in an attempt to be accepted and validated by each other, yet if only we opened up a little and let go of our need to hide ourselves, then we’d realise just how similar we all really are. 

It’s in the realisation of sameness that’d we’d get to breathe out a combined sigh of relief.

That’s when we’d all get to laugh at the insanity of our pretending, and we’d finally get to know what it’s like to truly be accepted and to fit in.

Within ourselves.

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When we hide what’s going on inside of us, we’re telling ourselves that what we’re feeling, thinking and experiencing isn’t acceptable. We make up a version that we think is more acceptable and we express that to the world. Then we wonder why we’re always left feeling lonely.

I decided there and then to reel in the character I’d had on show for others, and let myself know that I’m okay exactly as I am. We all are. In all of our awkwardness and uncertainly, we’re doing just fine.

It’s okay to laugh at ourselves and to let it be known that we’re all just bumbling along, trying to make the best of things and work out how the hell we can experience a little more joy and a little less stress. love, relationships, spiritual awakening, personal development, blog, life, love

With love from one gloriously awkward creature, to another.





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A worthwhile sojourn

A little while ago I was away on holidays for a month. I know – a whole month! Not only was it a month without work, it was also a month without facebook, blogging, and internet.

A month without a virtual life.

Instead, I spend the time traveling around the South Island of New Zealand, and reflecting upon my life, how I spend my days and what brings me fulfillment in life.

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I know it’s not feasible for a lot of people to take a month away from regular life, but if you can take a weekend, or even a day to sit quietly and spend some time with yourself, pondering what you want and what makes you happy, I promise you, your life will be better for it.

I spent time focusing on what I value most so I could get clear about why I’ve shaped my life the way I have, as well as to highlight what I should do more of and less of. I drilled down interests, activities and work that I find most fulfilling, and then refined it so only the essence was left.

For example, if I looked at my work with clients which brings me fulfillment then I kept asking, why? And why again. Until all that was left was an emotion, feeling or single word.

Another aspect which I looked into was relationships with people. For some time now I’ve been fascinated, intrigued and mesmorised by the concept of Oneness. I’ve meditated on it, received guidance and insight, and every part of Oneness and the study of it brings me such joy. But without digressing too much, this study of Oneness has made me realise how important – above all else – our relationships are. This meant that relationships made it high on the list. I termed it ‘connection’ and it came in, just under ‘love’ at number 2.

The reason I was doing all of this is to hold a greater understanding of myself, and if you’re able to work out the essence of what makes you feel fulfilled, loved and happy then you’re able to create your life around those things. Essentially a person who lives a rich, happy and meaningful life would most likely know what they value and be sure to tailor each day around them.

Therefore, if you have ‘connection’ on your list, then you would ensure you connect meaningfully with at least one other person everyday. If you hold ‘love’ high up on your values list, then you would connect into your heart energy every day, be kind and loving towards yourself, and so forth.

Having read this brief article what comes to mind that brings joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life? Is it contribution, helping others, love, giving, success, empathy? What others can you come up with?

Then once you have your list, review each one to determine what your definition of that value is. How do you know when it has been met?

Write down your top five, and keep it somewhere you can easily see it each day. What do you think your life would be like if you met 2-3 of your values each day? How fulfilled would you be?

Meaningfully yours,

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