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Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

complicated life, help, how to, advice, spiritual, wisdomThe only aspect of life we can truly control is our state of being.

And when we master that, everything else falls into place.

But we complicate our existence. 


Ego complicates.

Spirit simplifies.

What areas of your life feels complicated and a mess right now? 

Have you let your ego-mind take the reigns?

Do you have hidden drives clouding your judgement in this area – such as money, self-worth, jealousy, pride?

We always know the way out of our problems, and how to reduce the complications and complexities in our lives. And it’s certainly not through lists of pro’s and con’s, or through deep analysis, or through speaking to people about how annoying and wrong other people are.

It’s through doing nothing. Just stopping everything, pausing from your life, and giving a chance for your heart to speak.

Our deeper knowing is always there, but we just have to get out of our heads to give it a chance to be heard.

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Amazing Painting by Karina Llergo

Call on your Soul to speak to you. It’s language is powerful yet subtle, and it usually doesn’t speak in words. Here’s a quick exercise to help you connect into your own wise inner force.

2 Minute Soul Voice Meditation – 

Shift your focus away from everything and everyone in your life, and move it to your heart. Close your eyes, and keep your focus on your heart beating deeply inside of your chest.

Inhale fully. Let your mind rest, without ‘trying’ to silence it.

Exhale. If your attention has drifted, that’s okay. Bring it back to your heart. Can you feel it beating? Breathe into it.

Breathe out.

Feel for your answers.

The light of your Soul shines within you,

and is waiting to be heard. 

Get quiet and curious,

and listen for her.

With love and quiet whispers,









Knowing this will eliminate road rage forever.

mandala, spiritual awakening, higher self, ego, eckhart tolle, wisdom, how to,

I often wonder how different the world would be if we chose to live more of our lives as our higher selves.

I know there’d be many grand differences that would occur on a global scale, however one aspect of life that has come to mind recently that would diminish out of existence, is road rage.

There would be no more road rage.

More often than not, we can see what the other driver is about to do anyway, and we adapt and drive accordingly. It’s after the fact that the pesky ego-voice pipes up and says “They’re not supposed to do that!” or “I could’ve crashed!” or “Why are they driving so slow, the speed limit is 100!” or usually worse…. We get angry because a part of us fantasizes about what could have happened – such as a crash – and conveniently forgets the fact that it didn’t happen. Basically we get angry at a fictional scenario.

Why do we get angry? Why do we choose a fear response instead of a loving one, an ego-reaction instead of the higher perspective? We’ll have a close call on the highway then tell our friends and family about it, usually ramping it up with a few extra details, to make a good story. They’ll get angry because deep down they love us and don’t want anything to happen to us, so they’ll jump on your bandwagon, sometimes even more passionately and vigorously than you. And what we’re really doing is spreading fear.

And when we’re in the throws of the exciting drama of it all, we usually haven’t stopped to wonder what might have been going on for the other driver.

We usually haven’t given it a thought. They could be sick, they could be upset, their mother might have just died, it could be anything, but that’s besides the point anyway.

Because when we’re in the throws of anger the most important question to ask is; what’s really going on for me? 

Basically something happened that scared us and we lashed out. We usually lash out when we can’t handle that we were scared. We despise vulnerability. It makes us feel weak. Like some so-and-so can come in and take everything away from us in an instant. It makes us feel small and insignificant, and we hate that!

But it’s an unconscious reaction to instantly get angry. You are better than that. I am better than that.

We all are.

What do you think might’ve happened if we contacted our higher self instead?

We might witness what a capable driver we were when that car swerved out in front of us.

We might acknowledge how intuitive we are because we got a sense of what the driver was going to do before they did it.

We might recognise that they could have something tough going on in their life and send them some love – which results in us feeling powerful instead of powerless and a victim of circumstance.

There are infinite alternatives to getting angry, yet the most commonly un-chosen response is anger.

Let’s be better than that. 



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An Exercise in Raising Consciousness

meditation, breath, love, how to, inspired, inspiring, eileen caddy, psychic, energy, healing, happyI did a powerful meditation of breath last night, which left me feeling so good that I really wanted to share it with you all today. The exercise came about after reading the following inspiring and thought provoking words from Eileen Caddy:

“This raised state of consciousness is in the very air you breathe.”

Imagine for a moment, that all of the air around you is made up of the raised consciousness that you seek. The very air is the energy of love, joy, peace, happiness. Ponder the possibility that we are always surrounded by (and made up of) everything we are seeking to feel. When you have reached some level of awareness of this concept, breathe in.

Inhale love.

Open up to receive the lightest, highest and most expansive energy through your breath.

Fill yourself with it.

As you fill your being with love, joy and anything and everything else that you have been seeking to feel, then pause in the gentle space between breaths.

Bring your awareness to your impending exhale and become aware that with your breath you will share this energy tenfold.

You have the ability to spread love, joy and peace to all others with your breath.

Let yourself become so full of love that you become ready to spill over and with your exhale, share it with all others.

Release, breathing out all of the air from your body.

Smile and know that you are playing your part in raising the consciousness of the world.




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One foot in, One foot out

awaken, wake up, a course in miracles, how to, be happy, find my passion, job, loveI feel like most of the time we live this life very confused. We confuse ourselves over what’s important and what we care about, we confuse ourselves about who we want to be and what we think about ourselves and others, we confuse ourselves about what’s really going on here, and we confuse ourselves into thinking we are finite.

Death, sickness or a sudden change in circumstances can sometimes shift us out of our state of confusion and catapult us into reality – real reality. I’m sure you have experienced a moment or moments in your life where something big has happened and you have been left with such clarity you feel as though up until that moment you must have been living with your head stuck in the bath. But then it fades.

We go back to work, or we find ourselves getting annoyed at the person standing in front of us in a line, and all those superficialities come rolling back in and we slip right back into the blur of our confused existence.

Recently I read a powerful line in A Course In Miracles:

“If you only accept what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel awesome when I read that sentence. I don’t fully understand it but I know enough to know that comprehending it isn’t the point.

As the end of the year draws near and a new year is just in sight it’s got me thinking; what do I really care about?

Once I have answered this question, I will then investigate how I can craft my life for 2015 around my answers. At any moment each one of us can choose  to live a life fuelled by what we really care about, and we don’t actually need anything bad to occur to take us to this same conclusion. We can decide right now to let go of the shit that we pretend matters, and start to live.

Let’s live to live.




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Sometimes ya gotta laugh

chakra, healing, energy, meditation, reiki, how to, laugh, funny, cartoonWhen I started going to spiritual meetings, events and workshops I found that everyone seemed so serious. And for a while there was a part of me that joined in.

I thought that maybe we did need to be quiet, reserved and respectful when it came to meditation, healing and spiritual journeys. But the more I have ventured this territory on my own (and my own way) I’ve realised that you don’t have to be quiet, reserved and serious. Well more accurately, I’ve realised that you don’t have to be anything. It’s all up to you – to each of us. And we are all right whatever choose.

Some people like to be serious about it all (life), or about certain aspects of life, and some light-hearted – and they are both right and okay.

So a little while ago I gave myself the permission to be light. While scary at first I started to see that people resonated with this way of approaching spiritual work, meditation and healing, and I still attracted clients and groups of people to work with. And I’m sure that when I let go of even more of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’  I still abide by, I’ll attract even more.










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Out of my comfort zone

Shambhala Meditation Centre, meditation, guided, guide, healing, Hypnotherapy, help, anxiety, relax, how to, stress, health, life, happyI am the biggest creature of habit. As soon as I’ve done something – like gone to a cafe, driven a particular way, or cooked a meal that I like, then I will continue to make it, go there or do that, in the same way for years. It makes me happy because it is familiar and easy. But it’s not true happiness – it’s comfort.

About a month ago I attended a workshop at a beautiful meditation centre in the heart of Wellington. As soon as I walked in I was in love with the room. The place was divine and somewhere within me was a yearning to be the person up the front running the class from that very space.

Thankfully I acted upon this little yearning and almost too easily, after a few calls and an application, things fell into place and it was all set in motion. I was going to hold a class from this venue.

However, almost in the same breath of it being locked in I felt ‘it’. A feeling I know so well, in the pit of my stomach. Fear. What had I done?

I wanted to slink away and hide.

But this time was different. As I felt the usual feeling in my stomach and regret wash over me I invited in a new sense of awareness. I was aware what I was feeling was fear. Just fear. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a feeling.

In that moment I recognised I had two choices. One, to slink back into my comfort zone and not push forward. Or two, to do it anyway. In spite of the fear – or even because of the fear! I recognised that this was something that I really wanted to do and that would it could encourage growth for me BECAUSE of the feeling of fear.

It’s always the things that scare us that bring us the most reward.

So I did it.

Inspiration, health, life, lifestyle, quotes, help, hypnotherapy, waking life, awaken

And last night my partner and I held a meditation class from this beautiful venue. Now it is not new anymore. I’ve done it. And I’m really looking forward to running it again next week.

I have expanded my circle to include something that was new but that can now sit inside my comfort zone. I’ve expanded my comfort zone! And you know what else I’ve got inside my zone? The knowing, through this new experience, that I can grow and enjoy doing something which scares me.

When was the last time you did something new?

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Follow your Happy

happy, happiness, how to, selfhelp, selfimprovement, life, lifestyle, inspire, inspiration

What makes you happiest? 

I regularly reflect upon all of the things which bring me the most enjoyment, fulfillment and joy. A while ago I wrote these things down. Now I refer to this list and add to it, and I ensure I always do at least one or more things from my list everyday.

My list contains things which nourish all parts of me:
Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally. 

On this list are things that bring me deep fulfillment such as connecting with friends and family, helping people through sessions, and connecting in with my spirit  guides and angels. And then my list also lists things which nourish me physically such as boxing and walking on the beach. And then it also includes meditation, reading and writing in my journal.

This kind of golden masterlist is a great way to keep you regularly connected into what makes your heart sing and what feeds your soul. 

It’s amazing how quickly we can string too many days together where we are not doing anything that brings us deep fulfillment, joy and happiness.

What is your soul yearning for?

What brings you happiness and joy?

What would it take for you to do one of these things today?

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Make joy your only goal

how to have confidence, joy, be happy, happiness, life, self improvement Imagine for a moment that your only goal in life was to experience and feel joy. And that every other goal, aspiration or dream that you’d ever had came secondary to feeling joy.

What would you be doing right now? Later on today?

What would your life be like?

When I make joy my goal I instantly feel better. I am snapped into the present moment and feel awake and excited about life. I treasure any interaction with another person and I feel good about myself – right now. Not in a future moment when I achieve this or that, when I am successful or have lots of money. I feel bliss now. I am confident and connected to life and what really matters.

And isn’t that the point? When you think about any of your goals or dreams and you start drilling them down what do you find fueling them, right at the bottom? I think most of us would say that happiness is the essence behind most of what we do however we just easily lose site of this and focus all of our attention on the details.

What about when there has been a tragedy in your life, when you’ve experienced that moment of everything coming into perspective – do you remember what you held as important then?

It’s not to say that you should throw away all of your aspirations and just float around basking in joy – although now I say it that sounds like a pretty appealing option. But it’s the affect of finding joy right now: when you make joy your first goal, your priority, your days become supercharged by good feelings, and what results from that is more motivation!

When I focus on joy I feel myself expand, I make a point to connect with other people and I find myself in the flow of life. I have an abundance of confidence, I experience synchronicities left, right and centre, and I achieve a lot more than I ever could have imagined – especially then when I was attempting to motivate myself through negative thoughts and fear.

The only problem I have with making joy my only goal, is forgetting. As soon as I forget my goal it is easy to slip back into old thought patterns where I deem success, money, or external appreciation as a higher goal. Then I start to feel flat, lost and I find  myself clinging to a future moment when I will have time to feel happy…

Close your eyes for a moment and wonder – what would your life be like if joy was your goal? How does that feel?

What would you do right now if joy was your goal?

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When do you look within?

Eileen caddy, opening doors within, love, life, inspiration, heatlh, wake up, awakeningEveryday I read a passage from a spiritually enlightening book that helps me to remember and feel my connection to love, my soul energy, my divine power and to remember the support that is always there for me. For us all.

The book is called Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy. Each pay is dedicated to a day of the year with the intention of helping inspire us to realise the magnificence that is within, and to hep us remember that everything we seek we find within ourselves.

The passage I read the other day was so inspiring that I felt compelled to share it with you all here. Please know to all who read this that you have been meant to hear this message, these words, right at this very point in your life. It is time to really hear them, to let them soak through you without any resistance. It is time to wake up to who you really are.

Why not start right now receiving your spiritual inspiration and guidance at first hand and not through anyone else?

Do you not realise that you have within you all wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding?

You do not have to seek it without, but it does mean that you have to take time to be still and to go deep within to find it.

There is nothing more wonderful and worthwhile.



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Listen with your whole body

Eckhart tolle, power of now, how to, inspire, life, be happy, selfimprovement,

Recently I was reminded of how to listen. I know this might sound funny but I had forgotten.

I had moved back into old ways of being and forgotten that, to truly listen to someone you need to listen with your whole body.

It is most common these days to listen with our minds which usually, is not even listening at all.

Its thinking.

Thinking about the next thing to say, thinking about how you look to the person speaking to you, thinking about what they think of you, thinking about what you think of them, thinking about what posts you’ve missed on facebook, thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner… I’m tired even just writing about all the thinking that goes on when we really should be listening.

Echkart Tolle explains it beautifully – to listen with your body. To take the attention away from listening and move into feeling. To receive their words, message, and energy through every cell in your body. To hear through your energy field.

Give it a go the next time someone is talking to you, take a big deep breath in and let your awareness drop down from your head and into your body. Feel your energy opening up to receive their words, feel your heart connecting with their heart, hear as though every pore is opening up to listen. Feel what they are saying.

When I did this everything instantly became more enjoyable. I felt as though I was connecting with this person on a much deeper soul level. I was hanging on every word they were saying and I was hearing so much more than just their words. I really listened. I really heard them. I heard what they were saying with their words and I heart what they were saying without any words, I felt their energy, and I connected to their heart. I felt them. We connected.

I am so happy I have been reminded about how to listen. When was the last time someone really listened to you?

When was the last time you really listened?