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My personal experience of Reiki

There are many sites online explaining what Reiki is, so what I’m going to do is offer my personal experience with Reiki.

I came across Reiki when I was studying Holistic Hypnotherapy and Hypnoenergetics, so I was already learning about energy when one of my teachers brought up Reiki. We asked her what it was and she simply pulled my hand out in front of me and held her palm above the top of my hand. I felt a magnetic force and a warmth flowing down from her hand into mine. It was pleasant and soothing, and I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it.

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I’ve been on a journey of spiritual awakening and want to develop my psychic gift. What is it that I need to know or do?

Hi Amy, I’ve posted the answer to your question here, as we’re are all connected and the answer originally intended for you, can also help others…

I love that you write psychic ‘gift’ as if you have only one, you have many and I feel for you especially it’s about dabbling in them all, not favouring one over the other, but beginning to play and strengthen each one, they will bounce off each other grow more easily that way. I see a tidal wave, implying a surging forward on your journey. Does that make sense to you? Maybe even, if you haven’t already, join a spiritual development group where each week you try a different way of connecting in. They are all there for you.

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Experience: Distance Healing

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Spirit Matters

This week I am going to experience a distance healing for Abundance. A distance healing is performed by a practitioner who is in a different physical location to the client, however under the guise that energy knows no boundaries and that healings can be just as powerful without even needing to be in the same room as the client – or even the same country!

This is my first Distance Healing for Abundance so I thought it would be fun and interesting to document my experience and share it with you all, so we can gain an understanding of what healings are all about together, as well as you will share in the experience from the client’s perspective.

The practitioner conducting my healing is a gifted Psychic/Medium/Healer called Spirit Matters. Spirit Matters offers distance healings to people all over the world, and works with higher beings, angels and guides to channel the healing. I will write about my experience in three parts; an article before the healing, one soon afterwards, and then the final chapter two or so weeks down the track.

In preparation for the receiving this energy healing I completed a short process in order to set myself up for receiving a distance healing. To do this I sat in a quiet place and closed my eyes, breathing deeply I began to repeat a statement of permission, granting Spirit Matters full permission to send healing to me on all levels; Mind, Body & Soul. I also set the intention to be fully open to receiving. I repeated different statements such as ‘I am open to receiving’ and ‘I intend to receive healing on all levels’. Finally, I completed this meditation by sending thanks and gratitude to Spirit Matters for the healing.

None of this is required to receive an energy healing, however I intuitively felt this would help me gain the most from the experience.

Stay tuned for the 2nd installment later on this week, which will detail what I experienced and felt during the healing and in the days immediately afterward.

For more about Spirit Matters visit her Facebook Page by clicking here.
Note: this article is in no way commissioned by the practitioner.